Message of the Executive Director


S Akbar Zaidi

My Dearest Students,

At each Convocation at the IBA, we celebrate the achievement of our hard-working, diligent, and conscientious students, those who have spent the formative years of their lives with us. For academics and any institution, it is a moment of joy and great sense of achievement to see, every year, the fruits of our labour, of our hard work and our dedication as well. The IBA prides itself at being one of the most outstanding institutions of higher learning in Pakistan, and our pride is our students. We ensure that we get exceptional students to start with, and by providing them quality education, we take their potential and possibilities to even greater heights. The IBA can be proud of our students and our students can be equally proud of the IBA. The IBA degree ensures our graduating students a highly respectable and commendable place in society and in the workforce. We encourage and expect our graduating students to hold high the values that the IBA taught them, and always welcome them back as our alumni at all times. Your journey and relationship with the IBA has not come to an end, it has merely changed its form and nature.

Congratulations Class of 2021!

S Akbar Zaidi
Executive Director