Dr. Mohammad Asad Ilyas

Dear Class of 2021

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the successful completion of your respective academic degree program.

The IBA community is not limited to your academic life. It provides you multiple opportunities to further your personal and professional growth. Our corporate and academic partnerships, along with an extensive network of our alumni, placed throughout various sectors & industries in prominent positions are now a reachable asset.

IBA is renowned for producing remarkable individuals in many areas. Your journey at the campus instils the right set of skills to assist you in the quest of achieving significant milestones in the future.

We believe that our graduates are not only a more refined form of model contributing citizens, but stakeholders of society that are capable of bringing about sustainable changes in their surroundings and environments. Your mentors, faculty members and inspiring interactions have imparted abilities that can set examples for your contemporaries.

The journey concluded has been an experiential one, and i have no doubt that the journey ahead has even more to offer. We humbly commend you on your graduation and we are certain that your alma mater will be an indispensable asset for years to come.

Dr. Mohammad Asad Ilyas