Graduates' Guide

Dear Graduand, Congratulations on forming part of the list of graduating students. If you intend to attend the convocation ceremony, the following instructions will be helpful as you prepare for the occasion.

Step 1: Check your name in the list of relevant batch of the graduating students.

Step 2: Identify the two persons who are likely to accompany you as Guests at the Convocation; get their particulars and scanned copies of NICs as you have to provide these at the time of online registration for the convocation.

Step 3: Click the 'online registration link' and fill up the required information to register yourself for the convocation. Once the registration application is successfully submitted; you will receive an email confirming that you have registered for the convocation and allotted a candidate number which will be given in the email. You are advised to obtain and retain a copy of this email as it will serve as your 'Entry Pass and Gown Issue Slip' on 'Rehearsal Day'.

Step 4: Mark your personal calendar / planner with the Convocation as well as Rehearsal dates and time. Inform your employer about the time you will be away on Rehearsal and Convocation days.

Step 5: If the 'Online registration link' does not process your request; you need to immediately contact the convocation manager at the main campus, 021-38104700 (Ext: 1112, 2020 & 2010), who will guide you on how to proceed. Please note that those students who have dues outstanding against their names / any other observation will be identified through the APPLY NOW tab.

Step 6: If you are unable to register, please immediately clear outstanding dues / observation. Your registration for the convocation is contingent on your clearing outstanding dues / observation. 24 hours after you clear the concerned dues / observation; you will be able to apply.

Step 7: Attend the Rehearsal Session of the convocation on the appointed date and time. Get your Convocation Registration confirmation email' stamped at the entrance gate of the venue of the Rehearsal.

Step 8: On completion of the rehearsal receive your Convocation Day Admit Card, Convocation Gown, Head Gear and Invitation Cards for your guests from the Convocation Gown Counter. The Academic Regalia (Gown, Headgear & Hood) shall be issued on cash payment of a Rs. 2000/ - which includes rental of Rs 500/- and refundable deposit of Rs 1500/-. Finally remember to calculate the travel time to convocation venue on final day. Get your Gown ironed and headgear fitted to your size.

Step 9: Arrive at the Convocation venue (Abdul Razzak Tabba Academic Block) at least one hour before the appointed time and proceed to the designated robing room to put on your Academic Regalia (Gown, Hood & Head Gear). Check out your attire in the mirror and await formation of the procession.

Dress Code: The wearing of the Academic Regalia is compulsory for all graduates attending the convocation ceremony. Those graduates will not be allowed to attend the convocation who are not appropriately dressed for this formal occasion.

As it is a formal ceremony, please ensure that your attire befits the occasion.

- All graduates should follow the following dress code:

  • For Gentlemen: long-sleeved shirt with collar, a tie and dark-colored long pants with dress shoes
  • For Ladies: long-sleeved shirt or blouse with collar, dark-colored long pants / shalwar with court shoes
  • No casual pants/ jeans, t-shirts, polo shirts, shorts,
  • No slippers, sneakers, canvas shoes, sports shoes, sandals
  • We strongly encourage you to iron your regalia for a smart and presentable look and for better effect on the photos taken on that day

Note: The Academic Regalia generally look good with a white shirt/ blouse.

  • Return of Academic Regalia: It is recommended that the same may be returned to the Gown Vendor after the ceremony or latest by 06 December after which refund of deposit will not be possible.
  • Graduates' Guest: During the online registration, each graduand may invite a maximum of two guests. Names and particulars of these guests will be forwarded to the special branch for security clearance. On the day of the convocation, it is mandatory that these guests carry the original copy of their respective CNIC. Therefore, switching of guest invitation card to other than those whose names were provided at the time of online registration will not be possible.

    Extra Passes Registration: Extra passes of convocation are available on payment of Rs. 5000/- per person (a maximum of 2 extra passes will be allowed to every graduates).

    Photography: To avoid overcrowding and disruption of the ceremonial proceedings, guests are not allowed to move forward to take photographs of graduates during the convocation. An official photographer has been engaged to take the photographs during the convocation. A photo studio will also be set up for family / individual pictures if required.

    Parking: The following arrangements will be in place:

    A. On Rehearsal Day the vehicles of all graduands will be allowed to park inside the main campus. Entry will be through the Maskan gate and Gate 4 of the Main campus.

    B. On Convocation Day the following arrangements will be in effect:

    (1). On Convocation Day self-driven vehicles of graduands are to be parked outside the campus in a marked parking area opposite gate 2.

    (2). Identical procedure as (1) above will be followed for vehicles of invitees.